It is time for the Day Of Giving!

It’s that time of year again! Join us for our much loved, inspirational signature event, the 6th Annual Day of Giving, co-sponsored by Marin County Office of Education.

WHAT: A fun and fulfilling day where kids and adults come together in SERVICE, to benefit charities serving the homeless, sick kids, seniors, our environment and much more!
WHEN: Sunday, March 3, 2019 9 a.m. – 1 p.m
WHERE: Marin County Office of Education 1111 Las Gallinas Ave., San Rafael
WHY: Experience the joy and magic of giving side by side with your family and hundreds of your community members, activating our power to be agents of change for good. And, it’s FUN!

SIGN UP: Projects will be first-come, first-served. We fill up every year so sign up asap! Suggested $10/person donation and get a super cool, newly designed t-shirt!

Projects include: Care and Hygiene Kits for Shelters, Marin Parks Habitat Restoration, Superhero Capes/Blankets for Kids, Cooking for Shelters


Random acts of Kindness

January 25th 2019

Today we had a brief recap of our experiences over the holidays, and the ways that we were able to be present with our friends and family.   Afterwards we discussed how easy it is to be kind by simply saying hello, or recognizing and thanking the people around us for the little things that they may do for us.  We then talked about showing kindness to those who least expect it.

We had the kids make a sun catcher to give away to someone in the community as a random act of kindness.  Each sun catcher was put into an envelope with a cheerful message on the front.  While kids were taking turns beginning the craft, the remaining kids divided into groups to brainstorm who they may be able to give their sun catchers to.  Some ideas included neighbors, coaches, grocery store clerks, walking guards and an elderly person in their life.  We emphasized that the only rule is that they have a parent help them decide who to give it to.

sun catcher collage 2


suncatcher colllage 1

Spreading Holiday Cheer

December 16th 2018


Today we talked about the many traditions that are celebrated during this time of year.  We talked about how these holidays are all happen around winter solstice, which is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year!
A long time ago, there was no electricity, so the night was cold and dark. People came together to share food and celebrate the winter in their own way.
In this culture we often celebrate the holidays by giving to each other, sharing special foods, and doing winter activities together.

We talked about what happens when people don’t have places to celebrate winter or people to gather with.  We discussed how other kids could feel if they don’t have presents when others around them do.  We talked about how loneliness and depression (people feeling sad or left out) can be a big problem during the holidays.

Then we brainstormed some ways that we could help by spreading cheer to those around us.  Some ideas that we came up with were to:

  • We can gifts to organizations who make sure children who may not gifts do get gifts!
  • We can visit people who may not have family or have family nearby!
  • We can give special foods to the food bank so that people who are less fortunate can still have a special meal.
  • We can make cards to help spread cheer!


We then talked about Presence vs. Presents.  Being present is a way of showing kindness and giving to others by spending time with them!  We then played a game where we showed slides of people spending time together or giving each other gifts, and had the kids shout out which was which!

At the end we revisited the idea of giving holiday cards to Whisltestop, to deliver with their meals.  This is a way to spread joy and cheer to people who are home bound for the holidays.  Because we had already spent time making the cards in an earlier lunch club, we had the kids go out into the playground and encourage other kids to spread cheer by making cards also!

making elder cards
One of the 3 groups went to the TK/K lunch area and told all the kids about spreading cheer and making cards.  There were not enough cards for the kids to make them themselves, so instead they helped the younger kids make theirs.  These older kids were amazing helpers with the younger students, and had great conversations about what a community hero is and why how they can help others.
whistlestop cards
Over 200 cards were completed for Whistlestop.  They were overjoyed to be able to include these cards with all the holiday meals.


November 30th

This month we had planned to do a lunch club before Thanksgiving on Hunger.  Due to the fires, school was not in session on Friday the 16th.

We decided to continue our topic on hunger for this month, emphasizing December’s life skill generosity.

We started the discussion with this video:

We talked about how this video made the kids feel.  We talked about who is effected by hunger, and the many ways that not having enough to eat could effect your life.

We showed a World Hunger Map and had volunteers come to the front to visually demonstrate the different ratios of people that are hungry in various parts of the world.

We also shared with the kids an organization in San Rafael called Whistlestop.   One of Whistletop’s services to the community is to deliver food to elderly and home bound individuals who are unable to shop or cook for themselves.


The kids began to making holiday cards for Whistlestop to bring with the meals.  We will be collecting cards in the office until December 14th.

hunger day collage.JPG


November 2 , 2018

Today we reviewed all the ways that people can help their communities.  We watched these videos on kindness and had some great discussions on all the ways that we can be kind in our own lives.

We were inspired by this speech given by a 10 year old girl about Kindness:

We also watched this video about “Kindness Boomerang”, how kindness can spread to those around you.

We then brainstormed “Ways to be Kind” as a group.

Ways to be kind

We asked the kids how they would like to show kindness in the world, and then put these cards on poster boards and put them up behind our table for the bake sale at the harvest festival.

Bake Sale Wall                           Wall for bakesale

Welcome to Socktober!

We are collecting new socks this week from October 22-26th.   Socks are the most requested item from our homeless population.  These socks go directly to the  San Rafael Streets Team. 

Please come bring your socks to the baskets at the loop, entrance on Idylberry, or to the office!

October 19, 2018

This week was our second lunch club.  While we ate our lunches, we remembered all the ways that we would like to help the world.

Then we watched  a video on homelessness from a child’s perspective.

We talked about how the video made us feel, and what we can do today to help the homeless in our community.  We showed a different video about Socktober, which reminded the kids of the need for socks, and of the steps to take to have our own ”Socktober” sock drive here at  Dixie.

We broke up into groups to make signs to advertise for the sock drive. Some kids colored flyers to give to TK/K that don’t attend lunch clubs, so they can learn about Socktober as well.

Image-1 (2)

The kids are very proud of their posters!  All the posters can be found on the fences surrounding the school.