Spreading Holiday Cheer

December 16th 2018


Today we talked about the many traditions that are celebrated during this time of year.  We talked about how these holidays are all happen around winter solstice, which is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year!
A long time ago, there was no electricity, so the night was cold and dark. People came together to share food and celebrate the winter in their own way.
In this culture we often celebrate the holidays by giving to each other, sharing special foods, and doing winter activities together.

We talked about what happens when people don’t have places to celebrate winter or people to gather with.  We discussed how other kids could feel if they don’t have presents when others around them do.  We talked about how loneliness and depression (people feeling sad or left out) can be a big problem during the holidays.

Then we brainstormed some ways that we could help by spreading cheer to those around us.  Some ideas that we came up with were to:

  • We can gifts to organizations who make sure children who may not gifts do get gifts!
  • We can visit people who may not have family or have family nearby!
  • We can give special foods to the food bank so that people who are less fortunate can still have a special meal.
  • We can make cards to help spread cheer!


We then talked about Presence vs. Presents.  Being present is a way of showing kindness and giving to others by spending time with them!  We then played a game where we showed slides of people spending time together or giving each other gifts, and had the kids shout out which was which!

At the end we revisited the idea of giving holiday cards to Whisltestop, to deliver with their meals.  This is a way to spread joy and cheer to people who are home bound for the holidays.  Because we had already spent time making the cards in an earlier lunch club, we had the kids go out into the playground and encourage other kids to spread cheer by making cards also!

making elder cards
One of the 3 groups went to the TK/K lunch area and told all the kids about spreading cheer and making cards.  There were not enough cards for the kids to make them themselves, so instead they helped the younger kids make theirs.  These older kids were amazing helpers with the younger students, and had great conversations about what a community hero is and why how they can help others.
whistlestop cards
Over 200 cards were completed for Whistlestop.  They were overjoyed to be able to include these cards with all the holiday meals.

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