November 30th

This month we had planned to do a lunch club before Thanksgiving on Hunger.  Due to the fires, school was not in session on Friday the 16th.

We decided to continue our topic on hunger for this month, emphasizing December’s life skill generosity.

We started the discussion with this video:

We talked about how this video made the kids feel.  We talked about who is effected by hunger, and the many ways that not having enough to eat could effect your life.

We showed a World Hunger Map and had volunteers come to the front to visually demonstrate the different ratios of people that are hungry in various parts of the world.

We also shared with the kids an organization in San Rafael called Whistlestop.   One of Whistletop’s services to the community is to deliver food to elderly and home bound individuals who are unable to shop or cook for themselves.


The kids began to making holiday cards for Whistlestop to bring with the meals.  We will be collecting cards in the office until December 14th.

hunger day collage.JPG


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