Welcome to Socktober!

We are collecting new socks this week from October 22-26th.   Socks are the most requested item from our homeless population.  These socks go directly to the  San Rafael Streets Team. 

Please come bring your socks to the baskets at the loop, entrance on Idylberry, or to the office!

October 19, 2018

This week was our second lunch club.  While we ate our lunches, we remembered all the ways that we would like to help the world.

Then we watched  a video on homelessness from a child’s perspective.

We talked about how the video made us feel, and what we can do today to help the homeless in our community.  We showed a different video about Socktober, which reminded the kids of the need for socks, and of the steps to take to have our own ”Socktober” sock drive here at  Dixie.

We broke up into groups to make signs to advertise for the sock drive. Some kids colored flyers to give to TK/K that don’t attend lunch clubs, so they can learn about Socktober as well.

Image-1 (2)

The kids are very proud of their posters!  All the posters can be found on the fences surrounding the school.



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