First lunch club meeting

October 5th, 2018

This week was our first lunch club for Community Heroes!  We had about 50 kids from 1st to 3rd grades.  The 4th and 5th graders were not able to participate due to student council activities.

The kids had a great brainstorming session about what they are passionate about in our community and throughout the world. Ideas included helping the homeless, elderly, sick children and animals, as well as many ideas about the environment.


We divided the kids into groups based on the areas that they were most passionate about.  In these smaller groups we brainstormed specific ways that we can make a difference. We took notes about potential project ideas. When we came back together as a group, and shared some of our project ideas.

For the last portion of our first meeting, we discussed something helpful we can do right away and right here in our own community! We talked about how the weather is changing, it is growing colder, and that the number one need for homeless is socks. So, for our first project this school year, we have decided to team up with the Downtown Streets Team in San Rafael to collect new, adult socks for the month of October.  We are calling the sock drive “Socktober”, and we were all inspired by this Kid President video.

We talked about all the steps needed to do this sock drive.


The kids decided that they would like to make posters to advertise to the community before and after school. We ended the club with the kids dividing up into small groups to write their names on the back of posters. At our next meeting on October 19 we plan to make our posters for Socktober and discuss the details for our sock drive! The sock drive will be taking place for one week, October 22nd-26th.  New or very slightly worn, matching, adult crew or ankle socks can be dropped off at the office. The kids will be responsible for collecting and taking inventory of the socks. Warm hats, combs, and gloves are also appreciated.


Kick Off Assembly

September 28th, 2018

We had a great kick off for Community Heroes at the assembly today! Kala Shah, the founder of Community Heroes, came to introduce the club to the school. She shared her enthusiasm for giving back to the community with the group and showed videos of past projects that other children have done. Kala spoke about how we can share kindness and empathy to those at school and in our community. The children in the assembly were engaged and very inspired to participate in helping others.

Here is a little “Be Kind, Give Back” chant from the end of the assembly.

FullSizeRender (1)

We also learned about the importance of Inclusion during an engaging talk by Michael Pritchard, an American Comedian, and Susan Schneider Williams, a Dixie alumnus and Wife of former comedian, Robin Williams. Michael shared some of his fun voices from Star Wars, and then enlightened us with ten things he likes to teach kids:

1. Be the medicine for a better World, Community, and School.
2. Use your words as shields and not swords!
3. Anger past thirty seconds is ego, the ego is not your amigo!
4. Wounded people wound others. Hurt people hurt people.
5. Don’t be hater taters, or teacher kids to be hater tots.
6. Life isn’t fair, but you can be fair.
7. Bring the light, but also glow in the darkness.
8. Forgive to live, live to forgive, let it all go. Become serenity.
9. Readers are leaders. Leaders are readers. Your the Author, live the book.
10. Intervene, confront, enlighten. ICE / cool down, ICE up.